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I want my MTV reality star

Minnow Project is excited to announce it’s newest partnership with MTV Real World Challenges star, Camila Nakagawa.

Formerly a UNL exchange student from Sao Paolo, Brazil, Camila went on her first Real World Challenge during spring break of 2010. Nakagawa won the challenge and was invited to participate in Cutthroat: The Challenge the following year. In 2011 she stared in another Challenge, this time in The Rivals. This appearance was followed up by Battles of the Exes in 2012.

In addition to appearing on MTV, Nakagawa has also hosted a number of parties, including the NBA All Star Weekend party with Dwayne Wade and Michael Jordan’s Liquid Pool Party. When she’s not busy traveling the world and filming shows, Nakagawa serves as a co-founder of Clean Start Miami, a total body cleanse spa system. She also enjoys photography, dancing, and singing.

“We’re ecstatic to work with a young entrepreneur like Camila. She’s an enthusiastic and talented young woman,” co-owner Marty Hager said. “We’re excited to help her develop and grow her personal brand under the Camila Nakagawa moniker.”

Nakagawa marks Minnow Project’s second personal branding project, the first being Detroit Tiger’s pitcher, Joba Chamberlain. Personal branding projects like Nakagawa and Chamberlain’s are allowing Minnow Project to bring their creative services to a more person-driven side of the industry.

News & Press

New Site Unveiled for UNL Public Policy Center

Minnow Project recently launched a new website for University of Nebraska Public Policy Center. They came to Minnow requesting assistance to help reach a goal. That goal was to make their current website more user friendly, have easier navigation and increase the overall user experience. The end product is a great resource for presentations, publications, projects and articles within the industry.
Visit the site.

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Master Chef Strikes Again

The “s” in sump usually stands for surprise when it comes to Craw Daddy’s week.

You name the taco and it was in our surprise packs for the taking. Of course, we had to fend off Remmi as she thought the carry packs could be an easy dine and dash. But no, we know that trick and she can’t fool us anymore.

If you have any new ideas for Craw Daddy to bring to sump, please email him at – he’s open to suggestions for next time.

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Located in Lincoln, Nebraska, the minnow project, is an independent, full-service agency with a curious name and a passion to exceed expectations.

We have been in and around the advertising business since 1985. If we’ve learned anything in all that time, it’s that success depends on embracing moving deadlines, providing addictive service and of course exceptional creativity.


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Selected work

Here’s a selection of some of the projects we’ve lovingly crafted over the last few years. If you’d like to see more just shout.


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